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Neal Carden & Associates Inc

We provide sales, manufacturing, and technical assistance.

Neal Carden & Associates Inc. is an industry leader in providing consulting services to the manufacturing industry, focusing on aerospace and industrial manufacturing businesses.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide robust manufacturing products. We also offer sales and technical services to assist in optimizing complex processes in the aerospace industry and improving efficiency.

We will help you excel in your business.


Neal Carden & Associates Inc

Our highly motivated sales team works closely with your personnel to identify and implement a sales plan that ensures efficiency and success for your business.


Neal Carden & Associates Inc

We work with the latest equipment, highly trained personnel, and updated technology to offer the highest quality. Our products and technical support guarantee a competitive advantage for your products.


Neal Carden & Associates Inc

We provide complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems. Our SCM services provide you with complete services from inception of purchase to delivery and completion of the contract.

Supply Chain Manufacturing

Neal Carden & Associates Inc

We work to deliver exactly what is needed to move your product from start to finish. We assist as required to assure complete satisfaction.



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We serve over 200 companies across the world.

Neal Carden & Associates Inc

About Us

Neal Carden & Associates Inc.

offers a unique opportunity to the aerospace, defense, industrial, commercial, and energy market places. Our services range from sales, marketing, development, planning, and implementation.

Neal Carden & Associates Inc

Supply Chain Management

At Neal Carden & Associates Inc.,

we provide complete supply chain management of goods and services. From conceptualization to delivery, we do it all for facilitating your business goals.

Neal Carden & Associates Inc

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