High Precision Services


Our highly motivated sales team works closely with your personnel to identify and implement a sales plan that ensures the utmost in efficiency and success. We partner with our clients to develop long term business relationships based on need, capability and capacity.

Our experts provide sales services for the following industries:


(Requires AS9100 Certification)
New Manufacture and MRO Services for:

  • Powerplant
  • Airframe – structural and components
  • Landing Gear
  • Tooling


  • Production Parts and Assemblies
  • Tooling


  • Production Parts and Assemblies
  • Tooling
  • Molds


Production Parts and Assemblies and tooling for:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Wind Power

Neal Carden Aerospace (NCA) performs Sales Services for our Clients to OEMs (Boeing, Columbia Helicopter, Moog, etc), the OEM Suppliers (LMI Aerospace, GKN St Louis, Triumph Aerostructures, etc) and other Purchasing Sources across multiple industries.



Neal Carden works with a range of clients within the manufacturing industry. There is no job too small or too large for our Client Base. They work with the latest equipment, highly trained personnel, and up to date technology to offer the highest quality, most competitive product to our Customer Base. We also have specialized services including swaging, jig grinding, assemblies, and assembly and test for both New Manufacture and MRO Services.

Neal Carden & Associates Inc

Our manufacturing consultants specialize in the following industries:


Our Clients are familiar with all ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, from development to production quantities, including any and all Special Process requirements to OEM Specifications. Our client locations ensure optimum turn times and competitive pricing reducing lead times and bottlenecks. MRO Services from teardown to rebuild including assembly and test.


From tooling to development to production to specification including all materials, processes and assembly.


From development to production including large lot sizes and capabilities in all materials and process requirements.


From development to small and large production quantities from bar, plate, forging and other to customer specification with engineering and development services offered.

Our normal consulting fee is at $125.00 per hour. For large corporations, that rate may increase to $150.00 per hour depending on services required, and for clients who we also represent in Sales Services, that rate may reduce to $100.00 per hour.

Supply Chain Management

Neal Carden provides:

Neal Carden provides:
  • Complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) System Implementation to provide coverage and services from inception of Purchase Order to Delivery Completion of Contract
  • Database Performance Rated and Initialized for all production requirements
  • Identification of Process and Subcontracted Services to Approved Suppliers
  • Approval Confirmation of Process and Subcontracted Services to Approved Suppliers
  • Development of Lead Times and Initiation Requirements using Real Time Data
  • Development of TCO & Process Options and Requirements based on backlog and workload, including alternate source identification prior to instance of commitment lapse
  • Negotiation of Process Commitments including Pricing, Delivery, Performance and Quality, and Process Evaluation as required, including On-Site Evaluations as required
  • Constant Monitoring and Review to ensure commitment and conformance to delivery requirements, schedules, performance, pricing and quality
Neal Carden & Associates Inc
  • Ownership of immediate action to correct any deviation or non-conformance to system requirements including effective C/CA implementation
  • Effective and Continuous Reporting to All Parties on status and performance
  • Approved Suppliers – Approval and Development
  • SEA (Supplier Excellence Alliance) Proposal/Inclusion
  • Supplier Rating System
  • Supplier Audits


Our Technical Services ensure that you get the ideal service for the situation without hesitation. We work with clients to deliver exactly what is needed to move your product from start to finish, and assist as required to assure satisfaction.

We offer assistance in development, implementation, and maintenance in the following areas:

Neal Carden & Associates Inc


  • QMS- Quality Management System
  • QMS Certification Consulting and Coordination
  • Inspection and Test
  • QE
  • COQ


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Development and Strategies
  • Sales Presentations and Document Creation and Development
  • On-Site Sales Services and Presentations
  • Sales Services and Representation
  • TCO
  • Quoting Services
  • Negotiation Services


  • Direct Client–Customer contact and constant availability
  • Constant availability to answer or advise any request
  • Tech Plans
  • Development and Assistance in Implementation
  • Lean Techniques
  • Process Development
  • Process Plans
  • Development and Assistance in Implementation and Maintenance
  • Process and Continuous improvement planning
  • Development and Assistance in Initial Planning and Continuous Review To Maintain and Improve
  • Product Development
  • From Inception of New Products and Items, to Alternate Materials, Processes and Ideals
  • Quality Plans
  • Development and Assistance in Implementation to Verify Requirements and Continued Conformance
  • OpCert Programs:
  • Development, Implementation and Maintenance
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Kaizen and Kaikaku
  • Kaizen Events and Team Building Events
  • Team Creation, Implementation of New Events, Team Building Exercises and Reporting
  • TCO
  • Six Sigma
  • Development of Process/Product Consistency To Requirements
  • 5S
  • Development and Implementation
  • Lean Techniques
  • Development and Assistance in Implementation
  • Quoting Services
  • Including All Aspects from Inception to Completion
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Direct, Indirect and/or Assistance
  • Supply Chain Management and more
Neal Carden & Associates Inc
Neal Carden & Associates Inc